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01013 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava) • Spain
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Production facilities:
San Adrián (Navarra)
Houston (USA)

Member of:

ASIF and Navarra Solar Energy

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Photovoltaic Fixed Structures

Kit Energy Photovoltaic fixed structures have been designed following the stringent guidelines of CTE (Spanish Technical Construction Code) and EUROCODE 7. Our technical department studies carefully every project in order to get the best performance of our Structures.

Kit Energy has two ranges of products:

Photovoltaic fixed-roof structures

Photovoltaic Fixed Structures
Photovoltaic Fixed Structures
Photovoltaic Fixed Structures

Photovoltaic fix structure on the ground.

We offer the best quality steel structures with the following configuration:

  • Double-row solar panel system configuration
  • Triple row solar panel system configuration

We can provide aluminium fixed structures as well..